Many people diagnosed with hearing loss are concerned with hearing aid size and the ability for others to see the device. Our practice is proud to offer our patients’ Lyric, the only invisible full-time wear device on the market. This device is professionally placed in your ear canal by an audiologist after your ear has been carefully examined and measured.

What Makes Lyric Different

Unlike traditional daily wear devices, Lyric stays safely in the ear canal for up to 8 weeks, allowing improved hearing 24/7, without the hassle of taking something on and off or worrying about changing batteries. Lyric allows the user to hear throughout the night. They will be able to hear the television before bed, hear their children cry, and hear their alarm clock or fire alarms. Additionally, patients who have tinnitus symptoms will now have relief throughout the night.

Patients are able to continue with daily activities such as exercise, shower, and sleep while wearing the Lyric. It is made out of soft biocompatible material designed to contour to the ear canal to ensure stability, comfort, and ventilation. Lyric uses the natural anatomy of the ear for amplification, giving the user a more full, natural listening experience. Often patients forget the device is even in there.

How to Make the Switch to Lyric

The first step to see if you are a candidate for the Lyric is to set up an appointment for a free hearing evaluation. During the appointment, the audiologist will be able to review your results and discuss the requirements needed to be a Lyric wearer. If you are interested in Lyric technology, give our office a call.

About Audiology of North Carolina

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