Telehealth is “virtual” healthcare that allows patients to see their doctors at home by using a computer or a smartphone. This form of healthcare began several years ago and has continued to grow in popularity. Many physician’s offices, therapists, and other healthcare providers have joined in by using telehealth with their patients. In the audiology world, this can provide a simple and user-friendly way to provide services like troubleshooting hearing aids and programming adjustments.

When is Telehealth Helpful?

There are many settings where telehealth can be useful. If there is a patient who is unable to leave their house due to sickness, bad weather conditions, or a lack of transportation, this can be the solution. These patients continue to need to hear, especially during times that can be so isolating. Additionally, telehealth can help with efficiency and convenience in times of travel and throughout daily activities without wasting time driving to and from the office. If there is a problem or programming adjustment that needs to be performed, the audiologist can see them virtually to support them and keep them safe. This form of technology continues to evolve and now there are several hearing aids that are able to be connected to the programming software via remote support.

Who is Eligible for Telehealth?

Any patient that has a smartphone and is familiar with its usage may be eligible to be able to use telehealth for their upcoming appointments. Usually, this requires the patient to download an application, make an account, and connect your hearing aids. It is a simple, efficient, and user-friendly way to support our patients and their hearing aids during this time. If you are a hearing aid patient and are interested in seeing if you are a candidate for remote support, please contact our office to discuss more.


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