Audiology Dr. Jennifer Clarke

Dr. Jennifer Clarke is devoted to helping her patients hear better and improve their overall quality of life at our Southpoint location.

Dr. Clarke was able to see first-hand the positive impact audiology can have in creating joy in someone’s life— a joy they didn’t know was achievable. In high school, her sign language teacher was deaf and had a hearing baby, which prompted her teacher to pursue a cochlear implant.

During Dr. Clarke’s time in this teacher’s class, she was able to see a positive impact hearing had in her life. Everyone deserves to hear and communicate effectively with their loved ones. Dr. Clarke’s goal is to eliminate obstacles to help her patients participate fully in the joys of life.

Dr. Clarke brings lots of experience and knowledge to the Southpoint office. She has a Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders from James Madison University and obtained her Doctorate of Audiology for Gallaudet University. Dr. Clarke also holds an affiliation with the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association Membership and Certification (ASHA).