Audiology of GreenvilleNew BernWilmingtonCharlotte, and Southpoint provides the latest in hearing instruments, amplified telephones, and other assisted listening devices. We do the hearing tests and fitting right on location and carry many of the top brand names and models.

We also provide accessories and perform repairs in any of our eastern North Carolina locations.

Why Shop for a Hearing Aid?
Medical studies consistently show that hearing aids make a drastic improvement in one’s quality of life. It can revitalize your social interactions with family and friends, help you to enjoy nature again, and help you feel comfortable and in control as you go about your day.

Brands Offered at Audiology of NC

There have been large strides in recent years in hearing device technology. Virtually invisible, completely-in-the canal (CIC), and an open fit are a few general categories, but we have many options within each. Newer models have sleeker designs and higher performance than what consumers are used to.

We work with:

Don’t see your brand listed above? Give our team a call to see if we can help.

What Our Products Include
You will get up to a three-year warranty for loss and damage with many of our hearing devices or other products. Those who purchased their products with us, also have unlimited office visits to discuss and master these devices. Our audiologists stand by everything we sell and will give guidance, counseling, and personal attention to all of our customers on their purchases.