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Widex: High Definition Hearing

Widex hearing aids not only sound spectacular— they look spectacular, too! Widex excels at combining technology with functionality and aesthetics in all their designs.

The good stuff isn’t just on the outside, either. The inner workings of a Widex hearing aid is designed to work, perform, and sound as close to perfect as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Widex

With Widex, hearing is believing! Our team of expert audiologists around North Carolina are here to answer your questions. Read our FAQ below or give your local office a call.

Are Widex hearing aids any good?

Widex hearing aids are some of the best you can buy. The company has developed excellent technology and continue to develop new ideas every day.

How do I get Widex hearing aids?

First, make an appointment at your local Audiology of North Carolina location. We will discuss your needs and get a hearing test done. After that, depending on your appointment, we may perform a hearing aid fitting. Our hearing experts have everything you need to get started with Widex.

How long do Widex hearing aids last?

On average, Widex hearing aids have an estimated lifespan of between five to eight years. Depending on the style of hearing aid you go with— either in-ear or behind-the-ear— you can expect a longer or shorter lifespan. In-ear hearing aids tend to last around five years, while behind-the-ear hearing aids have a five to eight-year lifespan.

Are Widex hearing aids Bluetooth?

Some Widex options are! Talk with your local audiologist today to see if a Bluetooth option is right for you.

Does Your Current Hearing Technology Meet Your Needs?

You don’t have to miss out on any sounds any longer when you schedule an appointment with Audiology of North Carolina. Our audiologists will examine your current technology to see if it’s meeting your needs.