Audiology Dr. Carol Anne Ford

Dr. Ford believes that everyone deserves to experience the full spectrum of emotions that accompanies listening, whether to music, to people, or just to the sounds of daily life.

Dr. Ford received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of South Florida in communication sciences and disorders and her Doctor of Audiology degree from the University of Florida. She is a Florida native and moved to the Charlotte area to complete her fourth-year residency.

Growing up as a musician, Dr. Ford is passionate about helping patients experience emotions through sound. She has observed firsthand how ringing of the ears can impact people’s lives. Both her father and her music teacher experience ringing, and Dr. Ford has seen how it affects the music they play. This led to a desire to learn more about ringing and hearing loss, and how she could help improve people’s quality of life.

Dr. Ford is passionate about helping patients better understand their hearing abilities and guiding them through the process to better hearing.

In her free time, she enjoys fishing, spending time on the beach, baking, and spending time with her dog, Rocky.

Dr. Ford also has extensive experience with many different types of hearing aids and bone-anchored systems, including: