Quality of Life

If you suspect you are losing your hearing, or just want to be sure, don’t put it off. Not being able to hear your children or grandchildren play, not hearing the North Carolina waves, not being able to hear your favorite song – it’s enough to greatly reduce your enjoyment of life.


In fact, it brings people down enough to where there is a clear link between hearing loss and depression. Do not get stuck in a funk because you don’t want to pay for a hearing test. It’s a quick, painless procedure and can let you know where you stand.

Overall Health

Many other health conditions are connected to hearing loss. Finding out whether or not your hearing is at full strength could be the first step to learning about another underlying condition. Cardiovascular health and diabetes are both linked to hearing, for example.


Those with hearing loss, according to a “Better Hearing Institute” study, lose as much as $30,000 a year in income in connection with this disability. Maintaining your full auditory power as long as you can will help your career and your wallet.


Hearing loss and other hearing-related conditions are linked to problems with sleeping. Sleep apnea is connected to hearing loss and Tinnitus leads to a ringing in the ears that can keep even the soundest sleeper awake.


Being able to hear a child’s piano recital or a baby’s laugh is not something one can put a pricetag on. Laughing and talking to family at a reunion is not either. A hearing test can pinpoint any loss of function before it takes away from these priceless moments.

Peace of Mind

Just knowing where things stand is a good enough reason to get a hearing test. Wondering and worrying about the status of your hearing is enough to cause a fair amount of stress. Get it over with and get a hearing test.
Audiology of Greenville, New Bern, Wilmington, and South Point is eastern North Carolina’s hearing test expert. We will run complete hearing tests on you in one of our three regional offices and then sit down and discuss the results. If you are in need of treatment to regain your hearing, we can provide that, as well.