Hearing aids have come a long way, even just within the last few years. The newest buzz with hearing aids is connectivity. Hearing aids not only can be used for amplification but now they are becoming a “wearable” device.

So, what does this mean for you?

Introduction of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

The introduction of Bluetooth connectivity allows:

  • The ability to stream phone calls directly into their hearing aids making it a clearer signal into both ears.
  • The ability to stream any media you may have on your phone or other electronic; whether it be an audiobook, podcast, music, or movie.
  • The ability to be notified whether the battery is running low or other troubleshooting.
  • If your home is smart home compatible, hearing aids even have the ability to connect and perform commands (i.e. turning your lights on, locking your doors, etc).

Features of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

The connectivity also gives hearing aid users more control with the sound of their hearing aids. Through smartphone applications, you are able to adjust the volume and program of the hearing aids without reaching up to your devices. Many hearing aids even have a “Find my Hearing Aids” feature which allows them to see the last time and place their devices were last connected to their smartphone.

The most popular feature is television streaming. Through TV accessories, hearing aid users can:

  • Stream the TV signal directly into your hearing aids at a level you find comfortable.
  • Other family members or friends watching the same TV can listen at the level comfortable for them.
  • You can mute the TV if no one else is listening and the signal will continue to stream directly into your devices.

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